Our equipment and machinery has the capacity to get your job done. With our quality equipment and machinery, we have the ability to complete any task. From land clearing, excavation and grading to boulder placement in a landscape design, we have the capability.  We have heavy duty machinery to satisfy the requirements of any job.

299D CAT XHP with Mulcher/Clearing Head skid steer loader

In order to clear land with sustainable practices, we acquired the best machinery available. This CAT mulcher/clearing head on a 299 D CAT XHP skid steer loader with 110 HP can move around on inclines of up to 25-30 degrees steep easily. On excavation and grading we can clear brush and trees up to 8” in diameter with the capacity to reach a half acre in 4-6 hours. The high-performance power train provides maximum performance and production capability through Electronic Torque Management structure, typical two-speed mobility and an engineering exclusive electronic hand/foot throttle with decal pedal capability. The 299D CAT provides elevated horsepower and torque while attaining U.S. EPA emission criteria. This hydraulic system distributes high flow and pressure that delivers industry leading hydraulic horsepower to efficiently run even the most powerful work tools. We can get the excavation job done grinding trimmed material and organic waste for biomass production with the best equipment available.

The CAT can hold several dozen attachments. Pictured is the 84-inch wide bucket. We have many other attachments such as the root grapple and pallet fork.

Grapple Bucket Attachment

This versatile attachment mounted to our 299D CAT XHP is devised to lift and maneuver weighty, awkward-size material including trees, rocks, logs, brush, culverts, debris, pipes and more with little effort. Materials can be loaded and carried up to 4500 lbs. on excavation and grading jobs.

Woodsman 18X Chipper with Winch & Drag loader, rolling wheel

Our newly purchased wood chipper, The Woodsman Model 18Xtreme, 175 horsepower is extremely productive with a wide variety of options. We are able to use it while performing tree trimming and removal, lot clearing, site improvement and curbside cleanup’s. It capabilities allow us to handle tree diameters up to 18 inches pulverizing them into mulch. The hydraulic winch makes moving tree trunks a snap saving back labor, time and money.

Kubota BX-24 tractor with backhoe

This tractor has a 3-cylinder diesel engine with backhoe and loader attachments making our job easier and your excavation job more efficient. Our trained crew maneuvers this piece of machinery in the tightest of spaces doing the job of 5 men in a fraction of the time.

Kubota 121-3 Mini-Excavator

The Kubota mini excavator’s hydraulic angle blade efficiently moves soil to the side while the machine advances forward reducing the necessity for repetitive shifting when backfilling ditches. Soil finishing work is performed fast and easy with the float position making a clean ground surface. This machine works proficiently in constricted areas, near walls and busy highways. The machine can handle all excavating, lifting and loading jobs with its large bucket volume and extensive reach for excavating depth on the construction site.

Kubota KX057-4

This machine is powered to maximize digging and lifting performance with minimal noise, and fuel consumption. The hydraulic blades save time and work efficiently, eliminating the need for repetitive repositioning when backfilling trenches. This stronger bucket and arm breakout force gives the operator the ability to dig faster and more efficiently even in the toughest conditions. This machine has five lower track rollers that will reduce the noise and vibration. Also, it has a multi-angle blade and a 16″, 24″, 36″ toothed buckets and a 36″ smooth edge bucket for removing sod and finish grading. Its thumb is useful for picking up boulders without scratching them, grabbing logs, and or brush and debris.