Various Land Clearing and Low Impact Services Provided By a One-Stop Contractor–We do it all and more for you!

Lawn-N-Order Landscaping’s Lot/Land Clearing Division clears the land quickly with no burning or damage to valuable trees with low impact methods. We offer selective clearing or thinning of any lot with no brush piles leftover. Our forestry mulching machinery is devised for high-performance clearing, and mulching undergrowth using low impact machinery compared to standard forested landscape. Our professionals select the native valuable trees and vegetation, protecting them while minimizing disturbance to the earth layers and storm water runoff. We make every effort to preserve the ecological impact using LID Best Practices guidelines.

Forestry mulching is a new alternative in the last sixteen years that is the fastest, most aggressive yet ecological way to clear land. With this low impact method, you eliminate the need for burn piles, erosion, bulldozers compacting the soil and damage to pertinent vegetation. We use the 299 D-CAT XHP Skid Loader with attached mulcher/clearing head machinery that grinds the brush and trees in place down to stumps that are flush with the soil’s surface. This will leave a mulch layer protecting the top layer of soil from erosion, assisting as a growth retardant. The mulch will decompose over time gradually releasing nitrogen back into the soil making this process more efficient and ecologically friendly, unlike conventional methods. This low impact approach is used to repurpose the land, clean up logging operations, open up view scapes, and create trails and site preparation for building and managing unwanted invasive plants that devour the land. This low impact technique is preferred as a fire buffer and improvement in soil fertility not to mention a sustainable way for repurposing the land. And it has been proven to be cost effective compared to traditional procedures without the hassle of permits and instant maintenance.

Advantages to Forestry Mulching—

  • Waste and pollution free alternative (pollution in burns or haul away)
  • Aesthetically appealing (No unsightly piles)
  • Recycles using the plant material (low impact)
  • None if any permitting
  • One process and done
  • Minimizes soil compaction (low impact)
  • Minimizes soil erosion (low impact)
  • Minimizes site disturbance (low impact)
  • Preserves soils top layer (low impact)
  • Used in rain or shine
  • Selective usage
  • Less expensive
  • Fast results


Underbrush Removal—Clearing underbrush yourself can be a daunting task not to mention the poison ivy, poison oak, ticks, spiders and snakes that you encounter. Leave the job to experts who have experience in removal and the safety equipment to get the job done effectively leaving no roots behind to regrow overnight. Time is of the essence in removal and prepping the area, so it’s usable.

The removal of undesirable, invasive woody vegetation underbrush is necessary to prevent the spread of fire, creating a repurposed environmental site that can be planted, and paths and recreational areas established. With our state of the art equipment, the vegetation is returned to the earth’s surface after being grounded and mulched to enrich further the soil layers. The process is quite inexpensive compared to the vast difference it brings in value and aesthetics.  With this service, we can also identify those desirable plants that have good appearance and mark them before undesirables are removed. We call this ‘selective removal or low impact’ instead of complete demolition of the land.

Five Good Reasons to Remove Underbrush:

  • Improves Access to Property
  • Improves Aesthetic Appearance
  • Improves Property’s Usability
  • Improves Property Values and Visibility
  • Reduces Wildfires Susceptibility

Home Site Preparation—Growth pressures increasingly compete with North Carolina’s natural environment—a great place to live and raise our families. Development of our communities is unavoidable, but it is up to us to govern an overall positive outcome including environmentally sensitive projects to ensure that WNC natural environment remains to be an asset for our future generations and us.

We selectively perfect your home site by leaving and uncovering existing appropriate plants and trees. Wooded areas on your property will be prepared without losing your native plants or natural buffer. We are certified with the NC Certified Plant Professionals and NC Registered Landscape Contractor #0063. We have knowledge and experience in identifying and preserving the beautiful and unique specimens, while cleaning around and removing briars, dead trees, debris and invasive plants on your lot leaving an efficient clearing, ready for construction. Choosing a smaller lawn and integrating more of the current vegetation can affect a more attractive, diverse and ecologically sensitive expansion. These environmentally sensitive design techniques reduce preparation cost and ensure a more original site plan holding community values and creativity at a premium.

Principles of Good Environmentally Sensitive Site Design

  • Limit land disturbance (low impact)
  • Avoid steep slopes and wetlands (low impact)
  • Protect chief habitats (low impact)
  • Limit impervious surfaces (low impact)
  • Provide storm water management (low impact)

Vegetation Management—Strategic and proactive pruning or removal of trees that interfere with electrical service interruptions or your long-range views ensure electric service reliability and benefits the value of your home and environment. Our certified and registered landscape contractor and NC Plant Professional will do a tree health evaluation on your trees and suggest a scheduled maintenance to remove intrusive branches on a scheduled pruning cycle to increase the safety of your environment and quality of life. We follow ANSI A300 PRUNING STANDARDS for your trees to receive the utmost care and remain healthy.

Services include:

  • Right of Way Clearing
  • View Scape Clearing
  • Tree Health Evaluations

Field and Meadow Preparation

A primary desired result of clearing land for agricultural farming is to enrich the soil in the process returning fields to production. The least costly and most environmentally sound solution is to build organic matter back into the soil. Our clearing equipment can devour – acres in an hour while leaving little footprint on the terrain that would require additional tilling or erosion control. Our forestry mulcher, 299D CAT XHP with Mulcher/Clearing Head skid steer loader will consume trees up to 8-inch caliber and regurgitate organic compost to be layered for beneficial fertility relieving the need to haul away with heavy compacting equipment and crowding landfills unnecessarily.


  • Increase harvests and acre count
  • Chip mature trees and brush without disturbing the ground (low impact)
  • No burning or windows of tree and other vegetation (low impact)
  • Nutrients are returned to the soil by mulching (low impact)
  • Save time, money and increase the worth of your property

ViewScape Preservation

One of the many reasons people live in WNC is the breathtaking view enjoyed every day. While still considering the natural habitat, airstream and climate implications, drainage and heat variations employ our professionals with knowledgeable experience in arbor services to make recommendations for the best clearance view. Tree health recommendations are recommended to not only enjoy your trees for years to come but maintain and expand your views as well. Let our experts make recommendations to which trees will give you those “windows in your view scape” without making excessive cuttings. Sometimes just “limbing up” or pruning a few branches can offer you the view you want without the eradication of the entire tree. With our expertise and specialized forestry mulching machinery, we can chip the disposal material into ground mulch to be used on the soil surface, thus recycling it for natural fertility. Tree elimination through chipping is an option for debris, more cost-effective than transport and safer than burning.

Emergency Storm Damage/Debris Cleanup

Our tree specialists can provide you with immediate service if you have storm damage or an emergency situation. Many unsafe trees damage adjoining property during a severe rainstorm. Trees that are vulnerable to storm destruction should have preventive practices applied by keeping a regular pruning maintenance in place to reduce the potential for unwanted damage. Precautions should be taken when cleaning up after a storm with electric lines down. Hiring a company that is insured with the sufficient equipment capabilities and expertise to handle such big jobs will keep your family and structures safe. We will come to survey the damage or preventive maintenance and make recommendations.  Our experts will handle the removal of all branches, fallen trees including chipping debris and haul-away with low impact to your property. The transformation will surprise you!

Trail Preparation

With our 299D CAT XHP with Mulcher/Clearing Head skid steer loader forestry mulching machine, we can create an instant trail through your tract of land by using low impact methods. This will enable further usage of your land without damage and time wasted. We will evaluate the grading and terrain, to see the best route in addition to listening to and access the needs of the client. Joining trails to various sections of your property can utilize its overall usability for man and animals. As our equipment cuts through the trees and debris using low impact equipment, it creates a path of mulch in its wake that can be instantly used on the trail instead of hauling in mulch. The ground carbon material is a natural growth retardant to surface weeds giving a lovely carpet to walk on. Use trails for access to play areas, connecting the landscape, create a clearing to camp by a brook or on top of the mountain. Explore the capabilities of your property and utilize it by this easy, low impact and efficient method of clearing.

Real Estate Clearing & Maintenance

When you are getting your land ready to list on the market or have clients you are representing in a real estate transaction, land clearing is paramount to get the best view of the terrain and building site preferences. Without decent visuals, it’s hard to make the purchase. We are here to help! Our low-impact machinery can quickly cut out trails for potential clients to walk on and view the listed property. If views are needed, we have the ability to remove the property of undergrowth, removing branches and fallen trees including chipping debris leaving a clean, smooth surface to observe. Cutting “window views” for a view scape of the surrounding area is a great selling point. Our experts can advise which branches/trees to trim and implement. We will meet with the client and realtor for the best possible showing of your property.