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Pest Control Lic.#026-32114

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Any legitimate business should have references of satisfied customers.  Here are some of ours from recent work, and work done in years past.

Lawn-N-Order welcomes our newest clients: 

Ed L. - Glen Arden Heights most recent work JUNE 2010
Just finished a complete re-design of several years of failed landscaping where we transplanted dozens of massive 10+ YEAR OLD large bushes and shrubs, enhanced the appeal of the property by adding stone veneering on existing concrete walls, and adding river stone dry beds in the entire front of the house.  We added well over 100 bushes shrubs and perennials. 

John W. (read personal reference)

Lawn-N-Order cleaned this very steep wooded mountain lot with years of natural growth and debris. Our clients were guided through the selection of  mature Japanese Maples to fit their very specific tastes for very specific locations. We also assisted them in choosing other large trees such as three Nellie Stevens which had 800 lb. root balls and were transported through the wooded incline by hand.  All plants were required by the clients to be large and mature for instant gratification.  The gigantic Magnolia was requested and based on our suggestions,  the Little Gem Magnolia which blooms three times per year and is a dwarf of the Mag family was carefully selected.  Carefully delivered, transported, moving, and installing these very heavy, wide, tall, delicate trees was the most difficult challenge of all.  Each of these trees had to be carried by at least four strong men up inclines that are difficult to simply walk on.  They were all hand selected by Ryan Houston, owner of Lawn-N-Order.  We removed a 35 ft. White Pine on the edge of the driveway and used a track hoe to take it out by the roots and re-planted a Hinoki Obtusa. A variety of shade loving perennials that complimented this mountain property were also selected and installed. A substantial amount of mulch was laid on the steep terrain that was not accessible with wheelbarrows, thus, large buckets with rope handles out of old planting pots were engineered and used to move them up the hillside full of mulch using a human relay system.  This entire project was finished before deadline. 

Toni D. – Weaverville  
Designed and installed new landscape on over 75% of the property and designed and constructed almost 1000sq. ft of railroad tie retaining wall which now supports a concrete sidewalk to the back of the house, also done by us.  After all this was complete we used a tractor to remove a large section of then existing lawn, and turn it into a nice new landscape, which they helped to pick some of the plants for it themselves.  Finished with a newly installed landscape wall and sidewalk with a fresh mulch job.  

David and maike O. – Ox-Bow Crossing, Weaverville
We have worked for the Oakley’s since 2004.  We have done annual mulching and other jobs around the property 

Ray W. – Reem’s Creek Community 
Designed and installed the entire acre landscape at his house in April-August 2008, and still maintain the property. Consisted of approximately 45 tons of stone works such as patios, walkways, steps, drains, and boulders.  The entire landscape we designed freely

Bob and Judy D. – Reem’s Creek Community
Entire landscape in 2007 and still maintain it. 

Sam S. – Asheville
We help Samantha maintain and keep a handle on the property as needed.

Tom K. – Reems Creek Golf Community 
Designed and installed entire landscape Spring of 09’, including flagstone patios and walk ways, steps climbing banks made out of large slabs of Virginia purple stone, and the entire plant and tree arrangement of specimen conifers, and accenting trees, color contrasting arrangement of bushes and shrubs to color code specifications of the customers.  Plants came with a warranty.  Ask him if its been honored or go see the plants yourself. 

 If you would like more references, or references of a certain nature of work not listed here, please contact us using the information listed below.  Email addresses available on request.


Ryan R. Houston dba

Lawn-N-Order Landscaping


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