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Steps to Tree Stump Removal Made Easy—

If you’re having a few trees removed, now is a good time to consider what to do with the stump removal-land clearing-lot-landscaperstump. If it is a small tree, sometimes the stump can be removed with a shovel. For the bigger jobs, here’s a tip. When cutting the tree, leave 3-4’ of tree sticking up from the ground instead of chopping off at ground level, especially if a building project is planned for the area. This will make it a snap for a sizable tracked excavator machine or bulldozer to grasp the timber section of the stump protruding from the ground to remove. This will alleviate future time and expense for building contractors forming driveways, roads and foundations.

If the trees have been previously cut to the ground level, not to worry. A little extra heavy-duty machinery can come to the rescue! We use our skid steer loader and track excavator backhoe to dig around the sides of the stumps, drop the bulging stump into the loader bucket and haul to our trucks to remove from the area. Fill dirt and grading are also part of the services we provide. If you need stump removal and big machinery to get the job done, call Lawn-N-Order Landscaping at 828.712.1590.