Long distance relationships can be hard if you don’t have willing partners to accommodate and communicate well. In this instance, there was a perfect match! The homeowners live in London, England and travel to their landscape-Leicester-mulch-paver patio-driveway-drainage-stoneworkinherited homestead a couple times a year. The premise around this installation was to finish the exterior renovations that had started from the inside out. The homeowner wanted to resurrect this old home that her Grandparents had lived and give it all the tender loving care that preempted her proprietorship.  The couple had great ideas to incorporate into the landscape layout.  The finished product would be installed just in time for the pair’s post-nuptial celebrations in the states with family and friends.

Months of communicating went back and forth over email with preliminary drawings sent via Google drive to establish borders and planting material suggestions.  Clear descriptions of plants and photos helped the homeowners to envision the finished landscape.  Once a final drawing was established and agreed upon, installation began. But not without major hindrances of weather and water to hold up production. A deluge of March and April showers as well as discovering a spring in the midst of the area being installed set installations back to a point that the crews had to work overtime and weekends to meet the deadline for the wedding celebrations.

Old trees that had overgrown their welcome and had become a hindrance to safety were removed.  Drainage was installed to remove excessive water pooling in places and grading was done. Once the infrastructure was established, a foundation was installed for a concrete paver patio. A concrete paver walkway and driveway were included along with a custom built native stonewall around the perimeter of the patio.  A BBQ roasting pit was the focal point for those big family gatherings.

Farmhouse and farm equipment artifacts were dug out of the barn and repurposed in the landscape to remember ‘days gone by’ and the loving hands that had first established this old homestead. The new and old merged to create a splendid collaboration that moved across continents. Grandma and Grandpa would be proud!

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