Your Next Landscape Design

When getting ready to update your existing landscape a blueprint…
November 23, 2016/by Lawn-N-Order
Grass-Seed-Lawn-Lawn-N-Order Landscaping

Watering Grass Seed


Labor Day is the time to aerate and overseed your…
September 29, 2016/by Lawn-N-Order
lawn care-landscaping-turf

Three Lawn Care Treatments to Perform


To keep your lawn healthy and green these three lawn…
August 17, 2016/by Lawn-N-Order
curb appeal-driveway-walkway

Curb Appeal to Increase Your Real Estate

What is the first thing seen when you drive into a driveway?…
August 3, 2016/by Lawn-N-Order
french drain-drainage-wet basements

Two Reasons to Install a French Drain

Stormwater runoff can be improved around the house by building…
July 15, 2016/by Lawn-N-Order
stormwater runoff-soil erosion-drainage-Asheville-landscape ideas

Stormwater Runoff and Soil Erosion

Stormwater runoff is an ongoing problem in the mountains.…
July 11, 2016/by Lawn-N-Order
landscape calendar-watering plants

Watering Plants Correctly & Thoroughly

With hot weather comes our share of dry days and lack of…
July 4, 2016/by Lawn-N-Order
landscape calendar-perennials-deadheading

Landscape Calendar—How to Keep the Garden Healthy and Blooming

Everyone has a calendar on their phone or computer with appointments…
June 17, 2016/by Lawn-N-Order
landscape care-new plantings

Landscape Care After an Installation

The plant material has been carefully chosen for the environment…
May 23, 2016/by Lawn-N-Order

Hillside Gardening: Steep Slope Maintenance & Runoff

Handling Maintenance on a Steep Slope
Walking up a steep slope…
April 22, 2016/by Lawn-N-Order
retaining wall-hillside

Landscaping on a Steep Slope

Landscaping can be a challenge on a steep slope. What plant is…
April 15, 2016/by Lawn-N-Order
stonewall-hillside gardening-landscaping

Steep Slope Erosion Control Options

Steep slope erosion control can be a challenge and is a continual…
April 8, 2016/by Lawn-N-Order

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