A North Carolina Licensed Landscape Contractor (#0063)

Lawn-N-Order Landscaping

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality landscaping and hardscaping services to local residential clients looking to hire a premiere company that is both experienced and devoted to meeting your landscaping needs. Our owner and operator of the company believes in consulting with each prospective client personally face-to-face. Practicing in the same area for over 18 years serves as the backbone of our business’s reputation.

Who We Are

Lawn-N-Order Landscaping offers high quality landscaping and hardscaping services. Our company is privately owned and operated. We offer a unique, professional, proven business that has been serving the residents of the North Asheville and Weaverville areas for almost two decades. We target serious clients and dedicated landowners who are more than just curious about a property improvement project, but who are ready and prepared to have quality and warrantied work performed on their property.

What We Do

Clients will initially consult with a licensed professional and plan the projects one-on-one with the owner of our company who is also a distinguished, award winning NC Licensed Landscape Contractor (license #0063). A lifelong, professional landscape contractor for residential design, planning and installing small, medium and large scale premium landscape and hardscape solutions including:


Storm water runoff, erosion problems, basement dampness improvement, water mitigation and basically any water problems.

Landscape Planning & Design

Our services include designing, restoring, refurbishing and installing a wide range of trees, shrubbery, natural stones and boulders plus more.


Hardscaping services include constructing stone walkways, patios, land grading and excavation, property development, road installation, driveway installation and repair, constructing retaining walls and water features of any size.

What You Get

A proven, one of the best landscaping companies around specializing in serving the greater Asheville and Weaverville areas to provide premium grade A+ services, but at a fair contracted market price for these services, and no more than comparable retail cost on ANY materials. You also have the insight and experience of almost two decades working to most efficiently accomplish your goals, in various phases if need be. You also get warrantied work, a company that will be around years from now to stand behind their work and also be available to add to your property with more work at a later time.

What We Want: Good Clients

dry river rock bed-landscaper-Asheville-WeavervilleWe are generally the most interested in clients who have properties on which the owner intends to live and enjoy the work we all invest in, and particularly an owner who wants to improve their property to include their own personal desires, has quality, flexibility and a long term relationship opportunity in mind. Our clients are open to our professional recommendations and has patience in the process.

We take contracts that allow us to avoid many hard deadlines, and too much red tape deal with. We are very strongly targeting less stressful work, ‘tire kicker’ types and clients that are respectful to us. We employ office managers, HR and accounting staff, professional managers, machine operators, and other employees that are all local, hard working, real people that will come do their best work for the clients, but that also need a fair wage to support our families and personal lives. This all starts by having good communication within the company, and with the clients.