Lawn-N-Order Landscaping

At Lawn-N-Order Landscaping, we approach a problem with your entire property in mind. We consider all the effects of our work on your property to ensure a beautiful solution which proves it’s functionality for for years to come.

Personalized Landscaping in Weaverville, NC

Who we are?

Lawn-N-Order Landscaping offers high quality Landscaping in Weaverville and its surrounding neighbors and has for over 20 years. Our company is privately owned and operated. We offer a unique, professional, proven business that has been serving the residents of the Asheville and Weaverville areas for almost two decades.

What Makes Us Different?

With a proven resume of the best landscaping companies around, we are able to take on the largest of projects with confidence, or apply that knowledge to a simple seasonal cleanup. You also have the insight and experience of almost two decades working to most efficiently accomplish your goals, in various phases if need be. You also get warrantied work, a company that will be around years from now to stand behind their work and also be available to add to your property with more work at a later time.

What We Do?

Clients will initially consult with a licensed professional and plan the project one-on-one. Our company has a lifelong reputation for residential design, planning and installing small, medium and large scale premium landscape and hardscape solutions which include the following:


Storm water runoff, erosion problems, basement dampness improvement, water mitigation and a variety of other water solutions.

Landscape Development

Our services include designing, restoring, refurbishing and installing a wide range of trees, shrubbery, natural stones and boulders plus more.


Hardscaping services include constructing stone walkways, patios, land grading and excavation, road/driveway installation and repair, retaining walls and water features of any size.

Ready To Get Started?

We see ourselves not as landscapers, but as land artist. With almost two decades of experience, landscapes speak to us in a way which we understand fluently.

We ask that clients develop a vision for their property but keep and open mind and respect out opinions and ideas for your property to be transformed and reach its full potential. We are confident in our skills and abilities and ask for your trust in transforming your property to reach its fullest potential.