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We provide our prospective clients with a professional and personalized Landscape Design Consultation to present you with all the information necessary for your upcoming project. This involves a member(s) of our highly experienced team personally visiting your location and providing a personalized design to fit your needs and space.

With over 1200 clients, we have seen our fair share of unique situations!

We are a Licensed NC Landscape Contractor and General Manager with over two decades of experience and knowledge of the area and how to work with mother nature rather than against it. For every Landscape Design Consultation, we will conduct a personal visit and assess your proposal and give any feedback they see’s necessary. We will listen to your needs, consider your overall goals for the project, and provide professional recommendations and various options for completing your project.

As a way to ensure our prospective clients are serious about having work performed, we do require a consultation fee for the initial consultation, this is a one time fee and all additional consultation in the future will be free of charge on additional projects. We will be evaluating the current state of the property, and ultimately come up with the written itemized estimate.  We are currently accepting new clients located within 25-miles of our business, located in Northern Weaverville, NC. A consultation with Lawn-N-Order Landscaping includes an in-person evaluation and a detailed written proposal that outlines the scope of the work, itemized cost, and any personal decisions for you to consider. 

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What do I get in the initial consultation?

  • A site visit, complemented with valuable expert recommendations and solutions directly adressing your design goals or landscape issues.
  • We will answer your questions thus providing valuable information on how to proceed on your project. Accurate information and transparency from all parties can prevent thousands of dollars in mistakes. We recommend making a list of questions prior to your appointment.
  • We will provide you with a clear concept, ideas, options, and strategies based upon the information you provide and we observe at the time of meeting.
  • All details compiled from this consultation will be compiled into a professional estimate and delivered to you and is valid for 30 days.

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