Parking Areas

When the time comes that there is no longer adequate space to park your vehicles in a functional format within your driveway, driveway extensions and parking areas are a common and cost effective way to house all of your vehicles. As with driveways, a variety of materials are available for construction all with respective price points. We offer each and every common driveway material, from gravel, to pavers, or concrete. We install parking areas which blend as an extension of your existing driveway, or can create a new and independent parking space.

Paver Driveways:

Permeable block pavers are a good choice for a patterned driveway that gives various aesthetic looks from which to choose.  This type of surfacing allows storm water drainage naturally. Colors, styles and various natural stone edges can be custom designed to fit with the style of your home and create a welcome entrance to your home.

Cost: $$$$

Concrete Driveways:

Does your concrete driveway have cracks and broken areas? Are unsightly weeds growing through the cracks creating more noticeable damage? We can repair with concrete, pressure wash and seal your concrete driveway to further preserve the integrity of the driveway. Don’t delay in getting these repairs done now before bigger issues happen and break your driveway down.

Cost: $$$

Asphalt Driveways

On occasion, your asphalt driveway may need sealed or patched in places. We overlay, remove and replace asphalt with our excavation machinery and can prepare a new base for installing a solid, long preserved driveway. With regularly scheduled maintenance on your asphalt driveway can give endurance to last 20-30 years.

Cost: $$

Gravel Driveways:

Designing and installing a gravel driveway takes smart ingenuity as installing a concrete drive. Considering the soil under the layers of surface and making sure it is well drained and graded correctly is imperative to keeping your investment above the surface.

Cost: $