Drainage System Installs

Drainage installations and repairs are one of our more sought after services. We are certified in a wide range of areas related to landscaping, but he’s widely considered one of the top drainage experts in WNC. We are a certified Stormwater Best Management Practices Inspector, which is a distinction he earned studying the trade at NC State University.

After serving the property needs of Western North Carolina for over 17 years, it is inevitable that you will come across very poor, non-functioning drainage systems. These interactions result from wet and leaky basements, flooded yards and deteriorating foundations.

Relax, though. You’ve found a group of drainage experts, and like doctors they assess, fix and provide you with the results that both meet and exceed your expectations. If you are noticing standing water on your property we urge you to, at the least, schedule a consultation. It is better to be safe than sorry and divert the water before it causes damage to your home.

Drainage Systems & Erosion Control

Water has become a major issue around the homes and properties in and around WNC. Many structures in this area were built on slopes that are just now showing visual damage and destruction to existing structures.

The constant flow of water over the land, and not routed adequately through a drainage pipe and basin system, will cause major erosion issues around your property and home, and it has also been known to create harmful landslides on those properties that sit on steeper slopes here in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

As we’ve all been reminded in recent weeks, heavy rainfall over just a handful of hours can overwhelm a property and destroy those properties not equipped with proper drainage that directs the flow of water away from your home, property and other structures.

drainage and erosion control

During the consultation process, we can take soil samples and perform a few simple tests to determine whether or not your property is draining properly. Of course, we then come up with some options and professionally developed and researched recommendations in order to accommodate your property’s drainage requirements.

We deliver you, our clients, with the promise of guaranteed results. Proper excavation and grading, drainage routing, examining the depth and width of the water flow and understanding the mountainous terrain here in beautiful Asheville NC, are just a few of the reasons why our success rate for drainage projects stands at an incredible 100%. But, don’t take our word for it. Check out some of our recently installed drainage systems and see for yourself why water is no match for us. Be sure to check out some of our helpful blog posts, too. We cover everything from patios to BBQ Pits to ways you can choose the water feature that’s perfect for you and your needs.

Let’s get started turning your life’s dream into a mountain paradise you can enjoy all year round for seasons to come.

Simply Schedule A Consultation complete with any notes or extras you’d like us to know about your project, and a member of our dedicated team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

French Drains are popular and efficient. They are barely visible and catch excess water through a drain basin before rerouting it away from your property.

Services include:

  • Downspout Drainage
  • Grading
  • Dry Creek Bed Installations
  • French Drains
  • Culvert Installations


  • Stormwater Runoff
  • Erosion
  • Wet Basements
  • Drowning Plant Material

Drainage Solutions:

Downspouts can be a common problem around a home’s foundation creating seep into your basement, crawl space or eroding the foundation. Extending downspouts away from the home properly can alleviate rain and stormwater runoff, melting snow off the roof and keep your home and basement dry and preserved. We extend these downspouts to drain properly by adding drain basins, driveway drains, gutter drains, and French drains.

Grading done properly around the foundation of your house will mean the difference between wet and dry basements. If you have an established yard, we can take measures to do the least amount of demolition for the maximum amount of efficiency.  Proper grading will eliminate wet accumulation in your basement. Often we have found drainage from a neighbors yard inadvertently directed onto adjacent property causes drainage issues. Installing an underground drainage structure such as a French drain or rain garden can divert water to proper locations keeping your basement and foundation dry!

Moisture in basements is usually due to improper grading. Water by default flows from the highest point to the lowest point.  If the water is flowing toward your foundation, then we regrade and install underground drainage systems such as French drains, drain basins, gutter drains, driveway drains and sump pumps. These drains will redirect the flow away from your home and foundation leaving you with dry feet!

French drains are dug trenches to a gradient to elevate surface and groundwater.  We use perforated socked piping on a base of ¾ inch crushed gravel covered with landscape fabric to prevent silt and soil from entering the drain. More gravel and soil will be placed on the surface. Often French drains are used to relieve hydrostatic pressure behind a retaining wall or as a hidden way to channel water away from a foundation, structure, driveway or garden due to ponding or flooding.

Rip Rap lined swale drains can be chosen and used when the stormwater flow is heavy and needed to prevent erosion. Riprap is larger stones and is advantageous to use on steeply graded slopes where seepage is a problem.  Prolonged concentration runoff or where vegetation is unsuitable are other areas for use.

Dry creek beds are often used to divert water flow away from a foundation but also coincide as a design element in the landscape. Carefully crafting the stones with larger boulders and plant material gives a natural look from a viewer’s perspective.

Culvert Installations may be needed to protect a stream and provide a safe passage for cattle, wildlife or vehicles by adding an earth bridge. Culvert installations prevent damage to roadways and can move water during peak flow. Or culverts can be used to equalize ponds or marshy areas on your property.

“From beginning to end, they were thoroughly professional, courteous, helpful and sincerely cared about my needs during this job.  This is the biggest thing I’ve ever done to a house, and they made it look easy.  Ryan came and did a complete detailed estimate …He showed up on time, for the estimate and for the work.  He said the job would take four days, but it took five.  For a job like this, that seems excellent service to me.  There were no extra charges, what he quoted me is what the final fee was.  His foreman Bruce was professional and considerate, and did extra work for me, mulching my trees, pulling trees out, cutting stumps, filling holes, at no extra charge.  My underground utilities, well, septic line, power, were undamaged.  The phone line was cut, but quickly repaired.  Hey, things happen, it’s to be expected.  The finished job looks, well, amazing… It’s a hard decision to do something like this, and a big expense, but if you have to do it, use these guys.”

– Carl R., Asheville, NC