Retaining Walls Expand Your Backyard And Prevent Erosion

Retaining walls are being used more and more to alleviate soil erosion, earth movement, and landslides found in Western North Carolina. With the variety of slopes and unleveled yards, retaining walls are used to hold back a slope while adding space and structure to an otherwise unusable or an eroded area of the garden. The main purpose of a retaining wall is functionality, but the beauty of a retaining wall coupled with the variety of natural and man-made products available will add value to your property as a decorative focal point and enhance the setting of your outdoor space. There are specific types and ways of building retaining walls whether it is stone, pressure treated timbers, railroad ties, stacked boulder or brick. Each requirement and placement will be evaluated for strength, durability and drainage specific to the area. Our experts have extensive knowledge building several retaining walls for clients and can help you evaluate your precise desires to give the most value for your dollar.

Types of retaining walls we install:

Masonry block retaining walls have structural strength to hold back the earth behind the system. Blocks come in various shapes, sizes, finishes, and colors. They are all weather and pest resistant with long lasting appeal. They are good for use in curved and sculpted wall designs and can be stacked without the use of mortar.

Brick retaining walls have the same versatility as blocks and come in a variety of colors and sizes to enhance the home’s surroundings and add continuity and durability. They need little maintenance after erection and complement traditional and contemporary architectural schemes.

Natural stone retaining walls provide a naturalistic look to the space and is one of the most commonly used in Western North Carolina. They can be used for curvilinear designs with long lasting attractiveness. Their shape, color, size and texture provide natural characteristics to the landscape garden. Rock is unaffected by water, and pests and is fire resistant and can lasts for centuries. No two walls are alike which gives an exclusive character.

Pressure treated timber & Railroad tie retaining walls are fairly simple installations recommended for walls under four feet high. They are versatile to any style of architecture and blends in with the landscape as a natural product. If installed properly the materials, with waterproofing and proper drainage can last for 20 years or more.

Dry stone/ Stacked Boulder retaining walls are a practical solution to grade changes in the landscape and is ideal for a variety of architectural backdrops. Boulders are naturally found in the rural landscape and can be harvested often onsite. Water drains naturally in and around these large boulders elevating a drainage system. Our professionals have the long-term advantage of working with these products and can guarantee you lasting enjoyment.