Gain Additional Outdoor Space and Privacy with Decks and Fences!

Deck Installation

Building Decks and Fences are an easy way to add outdoor space to your home and improve your home’s value. It’s been reported that 85% of the cost of building can be recouped during a resale. Outdoor decks provide an entertaining option getting people out of the house and enjoying the sun. It is a great place to gather with family and friends for entertaining. On summer evenings enjoy your installed hot tub around the deck or just swing and sit quietly on summer evenings. There are many deck and fencing options for the homeowner including wood or composite materials that last a lifetime. We use oxygen based bleach instead of chlorinated cleaners to protect wood surfaces from drying out and splitting.

Fence Installation and Repair

The need for fencing can be as various as the plants you use in your garden. Some need to contain animals or children, others want more privacy or to hide trashcans or HVAC units or generators, others want them for decorative purposes. Fencing comes in a variety of colors, materials, and heights. Before you install a fence, check your neighborhood HOA rules regarding fencing. Municipal codes involve permits to certain heights and may have restrictions to follow. Deciding on the materials to use will be the next step. Wood fences can last upward of 5-20 years depending on the type of wood (cedar vs. pine) and is relatively inexpensive compared to masonry or vinyl fencing. Wood fences usually need some maintenance over time. Vinyl fencing, however, may need an occasional cleaning but can last a lifetime if using quality materials. Brick is another option if you like a traditional look and is very sturdy and requires little maintenance long term and lasts longer than wood. There’s always the “green option” and that’s growing a screen of trees or shrubbery to give seclusion and privacy while adding a touch of nature. Planting a row of Arborvitae, an evergreen tree or a hedge of holly’s or cherry laurels can make your space lush and can often be the most enjoyable.