Landscape Boulders – Harvested Locally

Landscape Boulders add a visual appeal and integrates naturally into sites around Western North Carolina. Each rock is unique with various shapes and colors and the selection and placement nestled in and around the landscape planting can be a natural attraction. The selection must coordinate with the details of your home and landscape. For instance, lichen and moss covered stone suggests it’s been in place awhile where as using iron stained boulders pick up colors in nature or your home. Choosing rock that’s harvested locally saves money and can be viewed ahead of time to select just the right one for your location. The proper sized boulder for the job will depend on the scale of the surrounding space and home. If the rock size is wrong, the boulders fail to give a natural look and your best efforts are diminished by looking like dinosaur eggs plopped in the landscape instead of natural outcropping’s of stone emerging from the earth. In nature, where there’s outcroppings, there’s usually varying shapes and sizes linked together by earth and plant materials.


A boulder grouping lends itself to the rules of the Japanese garden making a more striking arrangement. As you walk through the woods, you will see plantings growing at the edges and in between cracks and crevices of rocks and boulders for protection and access to shade or water. Adding vegetation nestled between and around stones, between rock waterfalls and patio edges or at the base of a boulder can also hide awkward gaps and disguise irrigation sources. Rocks and boulders can be elements in any landscape design that are magnificent foundational components to many landscapes.