Excavation and Grading Services

Lawn-N-Order Landscaping offers land excavating and grading services tailored to fit your needs. We have an experienced team of certified heavy machine operators here at Lawn-N-Order. Our machines can perform any task necessary. From large and powerful to small and versatile, we have the proper equipment needed to access most any sized space.

Call us at 828-712-1590 or submit a contact form for more information and to check our availability.

299D CAT XHP with Mulcher/Clearing Head Skid Steer Loader

In order to clear land using sustainable practices, we have acquired the best machinery possible, starting with our 299D CAT Skid Steer Loader.

The mulcher/clearing head on a 299 D CAT XHP skid steer loader with 110 HP can easily move around on inclines of up to 25-30 degrees. On excavation and grading we can clear brush and trees up to 8” in diameter with the capacity to clear out approximately one half of an acre in 4-6 hours. The 299D CAT provides elevated horsepower and torque while meeting U.S. EPA emission criteria. We can get the excavation job done grinding trimmed material and organic waste for biomass production with the best equipment available.

Grapple Bucket Attachment

This versatile attachment effortlessly lifts and moves large, heavy materials including trees, rocks, logs, brush, culverts, debris, pipes and anything else in our way. Nearly 4500 lbs. of materials can be loaded and carried around our excavation and grading sites.

Kubota BX-24 Tractor with Backhoe

This tractor has a 3-cylinder diesel engine with backhoe and loader attachments to make our job easier and your excavation project run more efficiently. Our trained crew carefully maneuvers this piece of machinery into the tightest of spaces, allowing us to do the job of 5 men – saving you money and time.

Kubota KX057-4

This machine is powered to maximize digging and lifting performance with minimal noise and fuel consumption. The hydraulic blades save time by eliminating the need for repetitive re-positioning of the machine. This is incredibly useful when performing certain tasks such as back-filling deep trenches or ditches with dirt. The stronger bucket and hydraulic arm gives the operator more capability to dig faster and more efficiently – even in the toughest conditions.

This impressive machine has five lower track rollers that reduce unwanted noise and vibrations. Also, the Kubota KX057-4 has a multi-angle blade complete with toothed buckets measuring 16″, 24″ and 36″ to go along with the 36″ smooth edged bucket making it ideal for removing sod and finishing off your project with a nice smooth grade.