Keep Your Trees Healthy and Danger Free with a Tree Health Evaluation

Tree Installation

Trees offer reduced household energy consumption for heating and cooling cost by as much as 25% and if placed properly can deduct $100 to $250 off your energy bill annually with a return on your investment in less than 8 years. Placement of windbreaks to the north of a home cuts fuel consumption averaging 40% in savings. Correct tree placement can be an aesthetic and financial asset.  We can recommend suitable foundational plantings and placement for shading, windbreaks and dead spaces that will insulate your home in all seasons of the year. Our installation crew has experience in the proper placement, depth and fertilization needs for your new tree.

Tree Safety Evaluations

Before inclement weather sets in and snow is on the ground, it’s prudent to check for dead, damaged, disease and stability issues regarding trees in your yard and overhanging into adjacent yards. Snow can pile up on dead branches and create hazardous conditions. We follow ANI A300 PRUNING STANDARDS in order for your trees to receive the utmost care and remain healthy. Before damage is created, be proactive and call us to set an appointment.

Tree Removal

For various reasons, sometimes a tree needs to be removed. We have experienced crewmembers that can carefully remove dangerous trees on your property using low impact methods without causing harm to adjacent structures. We will leave your property free of limbs and debris. We finish with stump grinding and then hauling the remains away while suggesting an alternative for replacement if needed.

Tree Pruning & ViewScape Preservation

One of the many reasons people live in WNC is the breathtaking view enjoyed every day. While still considering the natural habitat, airstream and climate implications, drainage and heat variations employ our professionals with knowledgeable experience in arbor services to make recommendations for the best clearance view. We can give over-all tree health recommendations to not only enjoy your trees for years to come but maintain and expand your views with trimming, topping, pruning and crown reductions. Let our specialists make recommendations to which trees will give you those “windows in your viewscape” without making unnecessary cuttings. Sometimes simply “limbing up” a tree or pruning a few branches can give you the view you want without the eradication of the entire tree. With our expertise and special low impact forestry mulching machinery, we can chip the disposal material into mulch to be used on the ground surface, thus recycling it for natural fertility. Tree chipping is an outstanding option and low impact method for debris elimination, more cost-effective than transport and safer than burning.