Leaf, Brush & Debris Removal is a necessary action to prevent the spread of fire, creating a repurposed environmental sight that can be planted, and paths and recreational areas created. With our state of the art equipment, the vegetation is returned to the earth’s surface after being grounded and mulched to further enrich the soil layers. The process is quite inexpensive compared to the vast difference it brings in value and aesthetics.  We will identify those desirable plants that have good appearance and mark them before undesirables are removed. We call this selective removal instead of complete demolition of the land.

Leaf removal is a chore that becomes overwhelming when it accumulates. Some variety of trees left on the ground can smother or kill your lawn not to mention contribute to fungus growth and pest invasions. The best way to get rid of leaves is to blow together in one or two piles and chop them up with high-powered mulching mowers. Leaves left to decompose turn into organic matter that improves the quality of the soil and adds trace elements to the garden. Gardeners call this ‘black gold’ and mulch yards charge higher rates to supply it. If you aren’t into the mess and don’t have the space to let it decompose, we can manage the project and haul away.

Under brush and Debris Removal can be a daunting task not to mention the spiders and snakes and variety of allergenic or poisonous plants that you run into. Leave the job to experts who have experience in removal and the safety equipment to get the job done effectively leaving no roots behind to regrow overnight. Time is of the essence in removal and prepping the area so its usable.

5 Good Reasons to Remove Underbrush

  • Improves Access to Property
  • Improves Aesthetic Appearance
  • Improves Property’s Usability
  • Improves Property Values and Visibility
  • Reduces Wildfires Susceptibility