Expanding Your Living Space Into A Patio Will Give You Season-To-Season Enjoyment With Little Maintenance

Patios and outdoor spaces designed with a variety of materials will give families years of enjoyment outdoors. Patios are an extension of your home and should have the same kind of stylishness as your home with functionality and aesthetics.

Choosing building materials can sometimes be a daunting task with patio installation but with our professionals, we can make the best recommendation for your setting to blend nicely with your home’s architecture. We commonly work with a various assortment of materials such as local stones and concrete pavers that come in a wide range of colors, textures, and shapes. A patio may also contain fire pits or an outdoor kitchen for serving up your favorite recipes. A water feature could also be added to create a certain mood or attract wildlife to the backyard. Whatever your dream, it can be achieved.


When it comes to hardscape, patios are a very low maintenance option. When constructed property, the stones will remain stable for years to come. This being said they do require a little bit of care on an annual basis to keep looking their best. Pressure washing is a quick and effective way to revive flagstone patios. After some time, moss, dirt and grime, and mold will begin to take over the stones. When that becomes noticeable, it is time for a wash!

Things to consider when creating a patio space are:

  • Do you want a private intimate space for 2-4 people or an outdoor space equipped to throw a party?
  • Will you want tables and chairs or recliners to relax in the space?
  • Do you want to create two or more spaces, one for intimate conversation and another for entertaining?
  • Should it be accessible to certain areas of the house?
  • Do you want a view?
  • How private an area should it be?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you want to add accessories to the patio space? (i.e. water features, pergolas, swimming pool)


Landscape lighting enriches and transitions the evening on a patio during nightfall or creates drama and interest on a particular architectural element on your home or in your garden. Homeowners are discovering the ambiance around nightscapes in their outdoor environments. Most overlook this element in creating their outdoor spaces but it is vital while constructing hardscapes. Installing lighting after constructing a hardscape costs more in laying the electrical components. Comprehensive preplanning envelops and foresees all the potential needs of an outdoor environment. Selectively chosen landscape lighting highlights design elements and focal points while enhancing safety and security. Light spaces create usability whether day or night.


  • Uplighting placed at ground level pointing upward highlighting a focal point in the landscape.
  • Downlights are placed above the object and designed to imitate natural light often used for security.
  • Backlights are used to highlight silhouettes against a backdrop to enhance the feature being lit. They artistically create a mood in the landscape.
  • Pathlights are found at the edges of walkways and allow for safe passage in the evening and are placed low to the ground illuminating the surface area or steps.
  • Specialty lighting can be used to invent an ambiance or atmosphere for patios, hot tubs or LED lighting around a party area or underwater pool. A variety of fixtures are available to highlight a specific area.

Lawn-N-Order Landscaping will assist you in your decision-making process and provide you with a comprehensive assessment and make suggestions to your landscaping needs. We provide unique and sustainable landscape design solutions and are aware of your budget. We stand strongly behind a promise to give quality service with attention to all the details around your home as if it were ours. We focus on proper design principles and excellent service and would love to be the one you call for your next outdoor project! We guarantee this with years of experience with stonework and pavers; Ryan completed the ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) course and is a Certified Installer. Call us today to build your next outdoor living area your family will enjoy!

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