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We provide our prospective clients with a professional consultation designed to present you with all the information necessary for your upcoming project. This involves our CEO, Ryan Houston, visiting your location and providing a personalized design to fit your needs and space.

Our current work schedule is full for the coming months. We may be able to work in a consultation however the start date of work will more than likely be much later. All consultations are personally conducted by our Licensed NC Landscape Contractor and General Manager. Our CEO, Ryan Houston, will conduct a personal visit and assess your proposal and give any feedback he see’s necessary. We listen to your needs, consider your overall goals for the project and provide professional recommendations and various options for completing your project.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, please submit your request through the form below. As a way to ensure our prospective clients are serious about having work performed, we require a $250 consultation fee for the initial consultation, depending on location, and size of the work.  A consultation with Lawn-N-Order Landscaping includes an in-person evaluation from our CEO Ryan Houston and a detailed written proposal that outlines the scope of the work, including any personal decisions for you to consider. 

Not ready to schedule a consultation just yet? Would you like some advice or helpful tips for completing your own DIY landscaping project? We have you covered.

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