Winter Flows Different.

Have you ever wondered why your property floods more in the winter? While fall and winter are typically the rainier seasons in Western North Carolina, it isn’t that simple. Decreased evaporation and even snowfall are possible, however, colder temps alter the flow of water underground! Let us explain:

If you were to go outside, dig a 30ft hole, and stick a thermometer at the bottom, no matter the weather, would read roughly 54 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the surface of the ground reflects a much closer temperature to the ambient temps. This is why we see frost, as the surface level soil has frozen in the colder temperatures.

Thermal Conductivity Of Soil

We often mention the drainage differences between the clay soils in our area and the sandy soils of the coastal areas. The natives of these mountains we now call home often used clay for bowls and cups due to their ability to hold water, this is no different from your landscape. The clay soil holds water, compared to sand releasing it.

As temperatures fall, that moisture held in the clay freezes, creating a lawn/landscape which equates to concrete when it comes rainfall, demonstrating amplified runoff compared to the absorption we see in the summer months.

What Can You Do?

In preparations for winter, especially in our current economy, let’s avoid those high cost foundation repairs, and protect what you already own, your home. Bundle up and take a walk around your home. Any areas with soil sloping towards your home are a common and easy to address problem area.

Next time it rains, are your gutters clear and flowing constantly? Where do your downspouts release water? While downspouts are a great home feature, releasing water at the base of your home is creating a problem, not solving one. Downspouts should be releasing water 10+ft away from your home in an area that slopes away from your home. Lastly, take notes and ask for help when you need it. We are open to phone calls, text, or emails if you ever want a second opinion. Shoot us a photo if you have questions, even if it is as simple as “does this look ok?”