As a landscape contractor,

we keep in close touch with weather models and seasonal shifts on a much larger scale than the weekly weather apps. Temperatures are predicted to be some of the lowest they have been in the last 25 years. This week we received the following message:

“Based on my experience around Christmas of 1983 and January of 1985 when there were temperatures at zero and below, overwintering houses may need some extra support particularly with some of the more tender species.

This support could be as simple as frost protection cloth over those species most likely damaged; small portable heaters to keep the structure at or above 20 degrees; and/or bales of straw or other materials around the base. Landscapes may need some extra mulch over or around the more vulnerable species/areas. Plan to do some extra pruning in the Spring- but wait until you can safely determine if plant material is dead”

This will all come into play in the coming week and throughout the winter months this year, more significantly than others. Potted plants should consider being brought inside, watering systems turned off and drained to prevent freeze damage.

In addition to your plantings, take this as your neighborhood friendly reminder to keep the heat on, open blinds provide free heat and feed your plantings brought inside, and to leave your faucets on a slow drip cycle to prevent freezing when not in use.

Stay Safe and Happy Holidays!