See How Easily You Can Relax with Your New Water Feature in Your Backyard

Water features add ambiance and muffle the sound from a noisy street. They also have health benefits by lowering blood pressure and reducing stress levels. Water elements in the landscape provide beautiful focal points. Ponds are mini-ecosystems providing a wildlife habitat in your own backyard. The sounds of water cascading immediately sends the listener into relax mode. Whether you have water trickling over boulders or river rocks meandering over a slope or emptying into a pond where koi are hiding under lily pads, you will enjoy every moment spent in contemplation beside this striking décor in your garden. Let us suggest and create a water haven to enjoy beside your patio, landscape or from your living room window.

We can create a natural looking waterfall with native stone while working with the contours of your landscape to create a focal point as if it had always been there. At the foot of the falls, you may like to have a pond for koi or other creatures to enjoy. Pondless water features are easy to maintain and can be enjoyed in small spaces when there’s not enough space for a grandeur feature. They can be intimately placed in or close by a window for viewing or as you walk up to your front door entry.

Considerations before choosing a water feature:

  • How much money and time do you want to invest?
  • Do you want a kid-friendly water feature?
  • What kind of ambiance do you want? Natural or formal?
  • Do you want plant material included?
  • Consider the sound of the water and how loud or soft you want it to be when it falls (i.e. a trickling tinkle or a gushing flow)
  • Will you have fish or wildlife using it?
  • Where will it be placed and will a water source be added?