Does your basement leak when it rains? Approximately 934.5 gallons of stormwater will fall from a 1500 sq. ft. roof in a 1-inch accumulation. If the water is not moving away fast enough from a foundation, water will seep down in around the foundation.  Stormwater will penetrate down to the lowest point where it will pool causing basement leaks. Water works with gravity and finds a low point. But how is water getting in?

drainage-wet basement

Replacing old drainage pipes that have been crushed and clogged.

The hydrostatic pressure against the walls often compromises concrete or cinder block walls. The soil becomes saturated with water.  Drainage can become inefficient due to a number of reasons. Water weighs 62.4 lbs. per cubic foot. Multiply that by your foundation square footage. The result is a lot of hydrostatic pressure against the foundation. This pressure against a wall can compromise the mortar between each block allowing penetration of moisture. With enough water pressure, your basement leaks when it rains because the hollow cores of the blocks will fill with water. Days after a big rain, your basement will still be damp because the water underneath the surface of your lawn is still draining. Cracks and leaking can occur along the floor and wall joints.  This pressure must be alleviated.

basement leaks-drainage solutions-dry river bed-riverstone-stormwater runoff

River stone dry beds route water away from foundations.

Basement Leaks & Solutions—

Before a plan is tackled from the inside, consider the exterior remedy. Providing sufficient drainage solutions such as proper grading or correct size gutter systems. Often times the gutter systems on houses aren’t adequate to hold the flow of water. Stormwater will spill over the sides of the gutter system onto the edge of the foundation below.  Water basins for routing water away from the foundation can be installed to keep your basement dry and free from further compromise. Old drain pipes need to be evaluated and replaced with current standards and sizes to accommodate stormwater drainage. A sump pump may need to be installed if the home is on level ground. Sump pumps give the extra energy to exit the water away from the basement foundation.

We have installed several drainage systems in Western North Carolina and the Asheville area and have a solution that will meet your needs and eliminate your basement leaks. We are a Certified Stormwater BMP Inspector. Call us today for a consultation.