When getting ready to update your existing landscape a blueprint or visuals come in handy. We can help with preparing a landscape design and provide virtual images and CAD drawings. After recently completing two-day training in Atlanta, we can give you more to visualize before making those crucial decisions about your landscape. If you’re not adept at visualizing, we have a software program that we can set the plants into your actual landscape or foundation. With the experience and information about each plant and its growth habits and light needs, we choose plants that will work within your environment. You will get an overall look or a ‘fast-forward’ in time of what it will look like now and in 10 years of growth.

Landscape Design Visuals Give a Virtual Image

In our presentations, we can also make a booklet that will have each plant and a description along with photos to keep. You can refer to it when you’re in question about a name or want to know more about the plant’s habits. We can also show season views and what will be blooming at different times of the year to give you better visual ideas of the garden.

Landscape Design CAD Blueprints Prepared for Review Boards

Blueprints can be necessary to know exact placement and to present to an HOA or Architectural Review Board in your community. Our CAD designs will give you an aerial visual requested either in color or black and white. Our CAD designs also have the necessary information such as plant material names and a legend tying the symbols together, so it’s easier to understand.landscape design

Image visuals, a four-colored booklet with plant pictures and names and CAD drawings are all aspects of the design process we offer. Now is the time, when you’re inside sipping on apple cider to start thinking about what you’d like to change for next year’s garden. Then, when Spring comes and the plants are in the nurseries, you’ll have a head start in getting yours in the ground first! Call us today for a consultation to see our new software and what we can do with it!