“How do I keep my tree healthy?” Once you have invested in a tree for your property, investing in tree services is a sure way of keeping your tree growing and thriving. When we inspect for tree health and do annual maintenance, there are factors we will access to determine the integrity of the tree and to prolong longevity.

Tree Services: Determining Tree Interior Core Health

The ‘backbone’ of the tree is the trunk, and that’s where we start. A healthy interior core of sound wood can be determined with a resistograph machine if necessary. Before we would go to this expense, though, we would observe other features of the tree and access. If you are in doubt though to an older tree’s safety, we can use this method to determine if there is any break in structural integrity from decay.

The crown of a tree must be maintained and pruned each year to keep air flow and eliminate dead, damaged or diseased limbs. If not, these limbs can deflect from the growth of the crown. Making these pruning cuts once a year as the tree grows will keep the crown in good shape.

 Tree Services: Promoting Strong Limb Growth

Maintaining the shape of the tree will also keep the limbs strong. Too many limbs that are compromised by tree services-tree health-incorrect pruning, damage, diseased or unnatural growth can result in weakened limbs. With the tree service report, these limbs can be inspected for leaf growth or tagged for removal.

A measurement can be taken on an annual basis to determine the growth and if it’s in line with average growth in the area. Some years may be more than other years depending on the weather and light factors. Construction projects close by can also play a part in the growth of the tree.

 Tree Services: The Root Zone and Tree Health

To protect the health of your tree, keep the root zone protected and undisturbed throughout the life of the tree. The root zone is the nutrient and oxygen center for the tree and where it gains its strength and anchoring. If there is a sudden shift in the soil, the tree might respond negatively. Caution has to be taken and observed. Consider the soil compaction and nutrient levels of the tree zone surface. Fertilization regiments should be maintained as well each year along with proper and consistent irrigation.

Regular tree services and maintenance on your trees will help keep the plants around your property safe and save you money on the cost of tree removal. If you are in need of tree services, please contact us for a consultation. During a consultation, we will go over all the factors in keeping your tree healthy for years to come.