Retaining walls serve a multitude of different purposes around your property’s landscape. Whether you need erosion control or you simply want to increase the space around your yard, a retaining wall will serve that purpose and likely meet your needs. Now that you understand the purpose of a retaining wall, it’s time to discuss your options. Retaining walls come in many different shapes and sizes. That said, how do you know which type of wall is the right style to meet your needs? We are here to help you with that. Today, we have 5 types of retaining walls to consider.

Masonry Block Retaining Walls

Masonry block walls are a very common type of retaining wall that you have likely seen around the mountains. The masonry block walls feature the ability to control erosion and hold back the earth when it starts to move. Masonry block is both weather and pest resistant, and can be constructed without using mortar or concrete to hold the blocks in place. Many masonry block walls are great for controlling and cutting down on erosion plus they tend to work well in curved designs. This is certainly one of our most installed types of walls.

Brick Retaining Walls

Brick retaining walls have the same versatility as blocks and come in a variety of colors and sizes to enhance the home’s surroundings and add continuity and durability. They need little maintenance after they are finished being built. Brick retaining walls are incredibly versatile and they complement both traditional and contemporary architectural schemes.

Natural Stone Retaining Wallsstonewall-retaining wall-stone

Natural stone walls provide a naturalistic look to the space and is one of the most commonly used in Western North Carolina. They can be used for curvilinear designs with long lasting attractiveness. Their shape, color, size and texture provide natural characteristics to the landscape garden. Rock is unaffected by water, and pests and is fire resistant and can lasts for centuries. No two walls are alike which gives an exclusive character.

Pressure Treated Timber Retaining Walls

Pressure treated timber retaining walls are fairly simple installations recommended for walls under four feet high. These are incredibly common to see around the mountains of Western North Carolina. Pressure treated timbers are versatile and match most any style of architecture while blending in with the landscape. These types of walls can be incorporated seamlessly around most landscapes and they look like a naturally occurring product. If installed properly, the materials, with waterproofing and proper drainage, can last for 20 years or more.

Stacked Boulder Retaining Walls

boulder rock-retaining wallStacked boulder walls are a practical solution to changes in the grade of your landscape. There are a wide range of architectural backdrops which lend themselves to the design of stacked mountain boulders. Boulders are found naturally in the rural landscape around the mountains of WNC, and can often be harvested onsite around your property. Water drains naturally in and around these large boulders, which ends up elevating a drainage system that’s in place or being installed. Our professionals have the long-term advantage of working with these products and can guarantee your lasting enjoyment.

If you are or have been thinking about constructing a retaining wall on your property, do not hesitate to contact us and Schedule A Consultation. We are a fully licensed landscape construction company capable of handling your retaining wall project.