The leaves have fallen and winter has officially set in with colder temperatures here to stay. We offer a variety of leaf & landscape cleanup services. If you were waiting out for the last of the leaves to fall, we have availability for you.

For those with, or interested in, mulched landscapes. Winter is the best time for mulch! As mulch biodegrades, it releases its nutrients into the soil, feeding your landscape. Plant growth as a whole is slower in the winter, including weeds! Making mulch installs most cost effective in December and January.


Buncombe county saw around 5 inches to 6 inches of rainfall during Hurricane Fred, earlier this year. That amount of precipitation, would be close to 70 inches, if it were snowfall. The only difference, temperature.

Ok, ok, enough what-if’s. The good news, hurricane season isn’t in January, meaning these substantial rains will remain just that. During winter months, the surface of the ground freezes
(known as a frost), meaning that the soil holds its moisture longer. With the combination of moisture in the ground and frozen soil which is unable to absorb water at all, even a small rainstorm can have substantial impact in runoff. The damages seen resulting from standing water are only amplified by these colder temps.

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