Considerations When Building Patio Space

6 Considerations When Building Your Patio Space

Thinking about making the leap and building that patio space…
September 21, 2018/by Lawn-N-Order
retaining walls

5 Types Of Retaining Walls To Consider

Retaining walls serve a multitude of different purposes around…
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How To Make A Safe Homemade Insecticide

It's spring time, and that means it's time to start thinking…
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Choosing a Water Feature in Asheville

What You Need To Consider Before Choosing Your Water Feature

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Best Machinery for Efficient Lot Clearing

Lot clearing is not for sissy’s. Contractors run into bee hives,…
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Tree Inspections for the Life of Your Tree

Tree inspections are not something we think about annually…
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Tree Services: A Tree’s Condition & Health

“How do I keep my tree healthy?” Once you have invested…
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Building Mountain Boulder Retaining Walls

What to do when neighbor’s weeds are infringing on your…
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tree removal services

Tree Removal Services


“How much will it cost to take down my tree?” Many…
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tree trimming-arborist

Tree Pruning for Life Span and Safety

Why Pruning is Necessary
Pruning a tree is required to maintain…
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mountain boulder retaining wall

Build A Mountain Boulder Retaining Wall

What to do when neighbor’s weeds are infringing on your property.
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Your Next Landscape Design

When getting ready to update your existing landscape a blueprint…
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