The most common Symptoms  we come across are dead branches, splitting, weak branch unions, dead and decay, cankers and root problems. When these situations arise, there are several steps in which we can take for proper tree health and safety.

Tree Health & Options–

If a tree has one or multiple symptoms, we would advise taking four options.

  • Move items from around the tree that could be damaged if it fell and block off access to this area until the tree can be evaluated by a professional.
  • Remove branches that are the highest threat or hazard if the rest of the tree appears strong and healthy.
  • Corrective actions can be taken yet leave an option for leaving a portion of the tree for wildlife habitat. The height of the tree can often be reduced and major tree health- evaluations-tree workbranches removed.
  • Remove the tree if all else fails. An option would be to leave the tree on the ground (if it must come down) in a woodland area for wildlife to live.

Tree Health Evaluations–

Evaluating trees and the advice of a knowledgeable expert in this profession will save you hundreds of dollars and help preserve the aesthetics and safety of your property and persons. Taking proper measures early on in a young tree’s life will assure you have healthy trees on your property that can add property values, provide wildlife habitat and reduce energy costs by providing shade and exposure to strong winds.