Imagine Your Landscape—

Have you ever wondered how a landscape design goes from a figment of your imagination to a reality? We will give ideas on how to formulate landscape ideas for your home and garden and turn them into an outdoor living space created for your family and friends.

CAD landscape drawings

CAD landscape drawings available

Everyone has a different idea about what they want out of their outdoor living spaces. Some want to just view it from the inside with a bird feeder for entertainment. Others want to develop a screen for privacy and a quiet haven to meditate. Families usually want a place to play recreational activities and entertain. Whatever your vision, get it on paper. Take a piece of paper and sketch in your home. Next, draw bubbles in the areas of space around your house that you envision for something with a purpose. With that bit of information, we can start helping you create your outdoor living area.

Observe Your Landscape—

Sunlight readings are a requirement too as some plants require more light than others. To do this, start when the sun comes up. Again, draw a sketch of your house on the property and mark some significant landmarks. Then sketch lines on the paper to where the sun is hitting the ground at 1-hour intervals. You will begin to realize how many hours of sun each area is getting. Remember to record the day and month you did your analysis. Lighting changes with the seasons! With this information, we can give you the best choice of plants for your outdoor living area and what’s suitable for the needs around that space.

What’s Your Favorite Plants? —

If you have a Pinterest account, go onto our page and view our boards. Pin some of your favorite pinterest boardsplants that you might like to see in your garden. With these preferences, we can discuss each selection and go into detail about the characteristics of the plants and their light and soil requirements.

After we meet with you, we’ll take all this information and add some of our own ideas to it from the discussion and produce a landscape design blueprint for you to envision the end product. We provide CAD drawings along with a Pinterest board outlining the plants and hardscaping ideas that were chosen for the project to better give a visual of the plans. If you are submitting plans to an HOA, we can also help with that process by providing the requirements necessary to pass their expectations.

If you’re ready to get started with your garden and landscape design, we’re ready to help make your outdoor living space a reality to enjoy for years to come! Call today for a consultation at 828.774.1590.