Water features provide your property with a natural sense of peace and serenity. When choosing whether or not to install a water feature, however, there are several different factors that must be taken into account and carefully considered. Here are a few aspects to consider before you make your final decision on your new water feature.

Ask Yourself These Questions

How much money and time do you want to invest?

Two of the most important considerations when choosing a water feature relate to time and money. Water features take both time and money to build properly and with your tastes in mind. Take it from the pros and do not settle on a feature that you are not satisfied with or that you do not feel is the best value for your dollar. You will undoubtedly want to carefully consider the amount of money and time you want to put into your new water feature.

What kind of ambiance do you want?choosing a natural water feature.

Ambiance refers to the character and atmosphere of a certain place. Here, the place is your new water feature and also the surrounding areas of the yard where your feature is installed. There are different types of outdoor environments that you will want to test before choosing your layout, design, purpose and location.

Would you be most comfortable with a natural feature that mimics one you might come across while on a relaxing mountain hike? Maybe you are looking for a more formal outdoor water feature that acts as the central attraction in your overall landscape design. In Asheville, we have noticed that many of our clients prefer a water feature similar to the one you might find untouched in the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains. The natural look often includes rocks and stones as the main material used to construct the feature itself.

Do you want plant material included?

Incorporating any sort of plant material into your water feature requires careful planning and decision making. At Lawn-N-Order, we understand plant life and types of plants that will function best in your new water feature. This comes from years of experience and learning. Choosing your water feature will require making the decision of whether or not to include plants.

Will you have fish or wildlife using it?

koi pond-water features-landscape contractor-Asheville-Weaverville-WNC

Koi ponds are becoming more and more popular here in Asheville, and we can certainly create a water feature that is able to sustain fish and other types of wildlife. These are certainly more natural water features, but the presence of fish or other wildlife doesn’t mean extra work. The pros at Lawn-N-Order will ensure this is the right choice for the water feature you planned on and envisioned.

Where will it be placed and will a water source be added?

The mountainous terrain of the Asheville area can make installing a water feature harder to do than if we were located on flat ground. Regardless, the pros at Lawn-N-Order have the necessary experience and knowledge of the Smoky Mountains and our terrain to give you a straight and honest assessment of your chosen site. Water features have to be built on a more level surface, but that won’t stop us from leveling off a nice piece of land and installing a water feature that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come.

These are just a few of the areas to consider when installing a water feature such as a waterfall, pond, or small fountain. Lawn-N-Order is dedicated to making your decision making process as easy and painless as possible. For more information, please feel free to contact us by either filling out one of our contact forms or giving us a call at the number provided below.