lot clearing-forestry mulcher

Best Machinery for Efficient Lot Clearing

Lot clearing is not for sissy’s. Contractors run into bee hives, snakes, ticks and skunks. If you have an area that is overgrown and it’s bigger than one man can handle, consider the capabilities of an experienced landscaping crew with the right machinery. Eliminate unwanted vegetation in a matter of hours or days with a forestry mulcher and chippers.

Mulching Head Attachment for Lot Clearing
When big jobs are encountered, the forces are brought in. The vegetation that is advantageous to the environment and that lot clearing-forestry mulcher-wood chipperwill give the overall property an aesthetic appeal is preserved. These specimens are marked to preserve them from harm. We then, start to eliminate the vegetation and trees that are in danger of falling or invasive. Lot clearing is done with our Terex mulching head specifically for the CAT 299D XHP. This CAT 299D XHP is the most powerful skid loader in its class at 110 HP and a hydraulic flow of 40 gallons per minute!  The machine weighs 12,000 lbs. and the head itself weighs 2500 lbs.  It is capable of taking down and mulching up to 10″ diameter soft wood trees such as pine and poplar.  The machine can clear between 1-3 acres in a day depending on terrain and thickness.  Brush, bramble, briars, small saplings and such on flat ground it could do 3 acres in 8 hours pretty easy.  But burning 6 gallons of fuel per hour, and touting 34 carbide teeth that cost $120 each to replace. This forestry mulching machine has a price tag of $130,000. It operates at $300 per hour but is well worth it for the right project!

Lot Clearing Made Easy
This forestry mulching machine can eliminate a lot of man-power in a single day by being done by one person operating it. This CAT 299D XHP can clear more acreage than a five-man crew can using hand tools and a chipper. This machine is flexible enough to move around preserved specimens and eliminate undesirable underbrush and debris. Not only is it lot clearing-mulching-land clearing-forestry mulchernibble, it carries a low ground pressure, creating less ground disturbance for sensitive areas. With the stick-arm, it can attack vegetation from higher areas.

And bonus! The mulched materials are left on-site to create a mulch material, help eliminate more weed growth and add nutrients as it decomposes back into the soil.

Eliminate Disposal Concerns

When felling trees, a wood chipper can reduce the brush, limbs and disposal concerns by chipping the unwanted and cleared vegetation into smaller pieces that will deteriorate faster. This chipped debris can be dumped in a compost to deteriorate and later be used for soil regeneration.


The overall low impact to the environment by using forestry mulching machinery will create a healthier and sustainable property.

If you are considering clearing the view, give us a call for a consultation today.