The mountains of Western North Carolina are notorious for funneling in large storm systems filled with high volumes of precipitation. This means one thing, mold. Whether you’re looking to revive your existing paint job or bring a new paint scheme to improve your home’s exterior, pressure washing can be a great first step in cleaning your homes exterior.

Benefits Of Pressure Washing

Mold and mildew love outdoor surfaces. Surfaces such as wood and vinyl, commonly used for your home’s exterior, are perfect spots for mold to grow. Although these common household surfaces attract these unwanted grimes, a good seasonal clean can ensure the life of your home. It is important to act early and prevent problems from escalating beyond repair. If exterior mold is left untreated, it can eventually find its way into your homes interior, creating a health hazard for you and your family. Clean paint improves curb appeal and ultimately increases your homes property value, making you money!

A Pressure Washer uses compressed air to propel water at a high rate of speed. This is much, much faster than that of a faucet or garden hose. This force is adjustable and should be modified depending on the surface. Low pressure is best for soft surfaces such as wood decking. High pressures can be used on surfaces such as stone. Consult a professional on a proper approach or hire a specialist. The last thing anyone wants to do is strip existing paint off of your home when wanting a light clean.

Hazards Of Pressure Washing

The largest risk of pressure washing is property damage. If too high of a pressure is applied, the surface can be damaged. Most common damage is unwanted paint removal. Being the most common, this is also one of the least consequential. Further damages can involve water reaching the interior of the home, allowing mold to expand to the homes interior, rather than being confined to the exterior. Damages to screens, window seals and even siding can also occur. It seems like a lot can go wrong, However, if properly used, pressure washing is extremely effective and wise investment for preserving the value of your home. We suggest consulting a specialist if you’re interested in having your home pressure washed.