Thinking about making the leap and building that patio space you’ve always wanted? Lawn-N-Order Landscaping Inc. can make that dream a reality. However, we recommend taking some time to think about the aspects you’re looking for in a patio space. There are several factors to consider when choosing your new patio design. After all, you’re likely going to spend 1,000’s on a nice, professionally constructed patio space depending on the additional features you might want to add. That said, here are 6 considerations when building your patio space.

Purpose of Patio Space

Are you looking for a private, intimate setting with a small area for relaxing and enjoying your peaceful outdoor space? Instead, are you interested in large BBQ pits, fireplaces and a patio space large enough to hold parties and host various social gatherings. Many times, smaller, more intimate spaces are great when clients desire patios strictly used for family spaces.

We suggest a design that surrounds this type of smaller area with natural gardens, landscape designs and possibly small ponds or water features. Patios meant for outdoor social gatherings should be much larger in area and contain certain features. BBQ pits, fireplaces, built in seating and some covered areas are all ideal features for those outdoor spaces designed for large social events. 

View or No View

One of the biggest reasons we all love living in Western North Carolina is the stunning views of the beautiful Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains. With more and more homes having built in views of the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains, having a patio with a lovely view is one area of your patio’s construction to consider.

Some enjoy wide open views while others enjoy private, secluded areas surrounded by the beautiful flora and fauna found here in WNC. Patios are like your outdoor living room, so it only makes sense that you create the perfect environment for your new patio. Consider the type of view and surrounding areas around your patio.

Budget for Patio Space

budget for a patio space

Whenever you begin researching your landcaping and hardscaping projects, you will certainly want to consider your budget. At Lawn-N-Order Landscaping, we have the ability to build you a custom designed patio area that can be simple in design with just the basics, or an elaborate fully functioning outdoor space complete with fire pits, and outdoor kitchen and much more.

Regardless, we consider your project budget and our professionals do everything possible to accommodate your needs. We are dedicated to providing clients with the absolute best patio space that meets their budget needs. We can even work with clients in phases where we will build and add various features to your patio in a series of projects.

We can lay down the basic patio surface to begin with, and then come back at a later time to construct additional features. We’re here to serve your needs, and we vow to do our best to take your budget into account when creating your proposal.

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Do You Want Multiple Patio Spaces?

It is very common these days for homeowners, especially here in the mountains, to build more than one outdoor area and patio space. Many of our clients want the best of both worlds as they require a small, intimate space for private family functions, but they also would like a larger outdoor patio space for entertaining guests and hosting social functions.

The pros at Lawn-N-Order Landscaping are experienced when it comes to accommodating both needs – family and social patios. Consultations can be scheduled with our owner, Mr. Ryan Houston, who is a licensed NC Landscape Contractor (#0063) where he will come out to your site personally and evaluate your needs and provide expert recommendations and options for constructing multiple patio spaces.

Patio Space Accessibility

When you think about your new patio space project, one major consideration to make is if whether or not you would like the patio accessible from the house or free standing at another location in the yard.

Not all homes in the mountains are equipped or designed to attach a patio directly off of the house. It is very common for patio spaces to stand alone in another part of the property. Perhaps you would like some steps or a walkway leading down to your patio space, but nonetheless, accessibility is a very important consideration to make when looking at building your patio space.

Feel free to call us at 828-712-1590 to discuss your options, check availability and talk to one of our professionals.

Patio Space Add-Ons

A patio space does not have to be a simple slab of concrete sitting in the middle of your yard. At Lawn-N-Order Landscaping, we have the ability to customize you patio space in a way that makes it 100 percent unique, meeting all of your needs. Perhaps you would like to add a serene, peaceful water feature to create that perfect outdoor space that you have always dreamed of. No matter your desires, Lawn-N-Order Landscaping can help make your dreams a reality.


Outdoor Patio

Other add-on options include incorporating outdoor kitchens, pergolas, gazebos, swimming pools, fire and BBQ pits and much more. Although we do not specialize in building swimming pools, we can customize your patio space in a way that sets it up for a pool install, and we can also provide you with some recommendations and referrals for getting a pool area built and added on to your patio.

Get that patio of your dreams just in time for those beautiful October and November nights here in the lovely mountains of WNC. Don’t wait any longer!

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