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A Landscape Collaboration Across Continents

Long distance relationships can be hard if you don’t have willing partners to accommodate and communicate well. In this instance, there was full cooperation. The homeowners live in London, England and travel to their inherited homestead a couple times a year. The premise around this installation was to finish the exterior renovations that had started […]

7 Steps to ‘Re-leaf’

Those leaves hanging off the branches will soon be down on the ground so here’s some expert advice on getting some ‘re-leaf’ for the situation! Before you start the regular lawn mowing regiment, put on your safety gear including ear and eye protection. A respirator is recommended too when working with leaves to guard against […]

How to Make Life Easier with Lawn Care

Got grass but no time to cut it? We can make life easier! We have a dedicated crew for lawn care and are taking new clients. Whether you need a simple cut, trim and blow or something more substantial, we’re here to meet your needs. To ensure you have a green lawn with no hassles this […]

Edible Gardening for the Faint at Heart

Now is the time everyone is thinking about their edible gardens and what they want to plant. If you’ve been there, done that and have the t-shirt to prove it, you know there’s some work involved to say the least! But there are more ways to skin a cat and you can still have your […]

Spring Cleanup Chores to Do

After the deluge of cold weather, I’m sure some of you are itching this spring to get out and look to see if your trees and shrubs sustained the frigid wind and cold. Observations through walking around in the yard will give you a clear understanding of what spring chores need to be attended to […]