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Tree Pruning for Life Span and Safety

Why Pruning is Necessary Pruning a tree is required to maintain the life and health of the tree. The early years of a tree’s growth are crucial to its silhouette, vigor, and overall life duration. Trees are an asset to the landscape in many ways. Trees offer shade and lower utility bills. They can produce […]

Build A Mountain Boulder Retaining Wall

What to do when neighbor’s weeds are infringing on your property. Build a mountain boulder retaining wall. It prevents them from skipping over that hard surface. No, really. It’s another option for retaining walls that we offer. There’s always a place and time for big boulders. Boulder walls can give a beautiful look to the […]

Your Next Landscape Design

When getting ready to update your existing landscape a blueprint or visuals come in handy. We can help with preparing a landscape design and provide virtual images and CAD drawings. After recently completing two-day training in Atlanta, we can give you more to visualize before making those crucial decisions about your landscape. If you’re not […]

Watering Grass Seed

  Labor Day is the time to aerate and overseed your lawn with grass seed. This gives the grass seed time to germinate and get well established before frost and freezing temperature hits and otherwise puts the seed into dormancy. With the dry summer in WNC, there’re some extra precautions to enable your grass seed […]

Three Lawn Care Treatments to Perform

  To keep your lawn healthy and green these three lawn care treatments will give the lawn roots good health and maintenance. September is the time for dethatching, aerating and overseeding. Lawn Care: Dethatching Each time the lawn is cut particles of grass pieces gather and decompose on the top layer of the soil. Nutrients […]

Two Reasons to Install a French Drain

Stormwater runoff can be improved around the house by building a French Drain. A French drain is a sloped channel packed with piping and gravel to divert water runoff. Water will travel to the lowest point pulled by gravity. Often in the mountains, swift currents of water will erode the ground forming trenches carved out […]

Stormwater Runoff and Soil Erosion

Stormwater runoff is an ongoing problem in the mountains. The heavy pelting of raindrops causes compaction in the soil thereby causing more stormwater runoff not to be able to absorb into the ground. Taking measures to help the soil to be more permeable will prevent soil erosion. Let’s keep our natural resources in our yard […]

Watering Plants Correctly & Thoroughly

With hot weather comes our share of dry days and lack of rainfall. This can cause potential stress on your landscape and plantings. Supplemental watering will help the survival of your investment.  Take these notes on how to adequately water leaving all plants thoroughly satisfied. Observe for Adequate Moistures Make observations in the garden. Take […]

Landscape Calendar—How to Keep the Garden Healthy and Blooming

Everyone has a calendar on their phone or computer with appointments and reminders of important events but do you have a landscape calendar? If you’re as busy as a bee, you have to schedule it on the calendar or you’re liable to forget! That’s when a landscape calendar comes in handy. From year to year, […]