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Landscape Care After an Installation

The plant material has been carefully chosen for the environment (soil and light conditions) that it’s best suited and you are sitting and watching it all grow and bloom! To keep those blooms coming back year after year, follow a few landscape care tips in order to give your investment a healthy start. Landscape Care: Deep […]

Steep Slope Erosion Control Options

Steep slope erosion control can be a challenge and is a continual source of irritation to newcomers to the mountains of Western North Carolina. Welcome to gardening on steep slopes! The following are some ideas to make the chore not such a dilemma and easier to manage. While it might seem like a challenge, we’ll give […]

My Basement Leaks When it Rains! Help!

Does your basement leak when it rains? Approximately 934.5 gallons of stormwater will fall from a 1500 sq. ft. roof in a 1-inch accumulation. If the water is not moving away fast enough from a foundation, water will seep down in around the foundation.  Stormwater will penetrate down to the lowest point where it will pool […]

A Wet Basement and The Causes

Are you wearing rain boots to the basement and in need of wet basement repair? If you’re under water or have been mopping up water in your basement, we can help alleviate the aggravation.  We will secure your foundation against more erosion and hydrostatic pressure against basement walls. Wet basements can be a sign of cracks […]

Proper Tree Health and Safety

Symptoms and problems trees can have in the tree health evaluations we conduct are dead branches, splitting, weak branch unions, dead and decay, cankers and root problems. In this article, we will discuss the actions we suggest to take for proper tree health and safety. Tree Health & Options– If a tree has multiple symptoms, we […]

6 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Tree

Before winter sets in and snow is on the ground, it’s a good idea to check for dead, damaged and diseased limbs and branches in your trees. Snow and strong winds can loosen already unstable limbs and branches and create a hazard for your property. We follow ANSI A300 PRUNING STANDARDS in order for your […]